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  • Certificated: (909) 580-5000 Extension 6685               Classified: (909) 580-5000 Extension 6689 

    Employment Verification: Fax # (909) 872-6452        Employment Verification: Fax # (909) 876-4123

    Substitute Services Desk: (909) 580-5000 Extension 6692


     Ingrid Munsterman, 
    Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Division
    Kameliah Maestas, Administrative Assistant II 

     Ernesto Calles, Director of Human Resources
        Elizabeth Pacheco, Administrative Assistant I-Confidential

     Penny Almon, Certificated Coordinator

       Cynthia Ramirez, Human Resources Technician

       Patricia Noriega, Human Resources Technician

     Lilian Morales, Human Resources Technician


     Yvette Palmer, Classified Coordinator

        Serina Aparicio, Human Resources Technician

    Azelin Davis, Human Resources Technician  

       Claudia Gutierrez, Human Resource Technician

    Valerie MacDougall, Substitute Desk Technician

       Zaira Jenkins, HR Assistant

    Andrea Ponce, HR Assistant