• Energy Management
    Ernest Guillen, Energy Manager

  • Energy Conservation Program

    We are pleased to announce Colton Joint Unified School District has launched a comprehensive energy conservation program, under the direction of Mr. Ernest Guillen.

    Many who have been involved with CJUSD know Mr. Guillen and his passion for the school district and the community we serve. A long-time employee and member of the district's management team, he is now focusing this attention to ensure that our energy program is successful in allowing us to redirect much needed funds back into our classrooms. A few words about this program:

    • This energy program does not require us to increase our utility budget, purchase new energy equipment or upgrade existing equipment.
    • It is financially risk-free.
    • It will not impact the comfort of our students or educators.
    • This energy program is people-based and will require complete cooperation and participation from each employee to be successful.
    • This is not a short-term "green project." It's a comprehensive, rigorous and sustainable energy program to help us save money for years to come.

    Mr. Guillen has already started training and working with our energy conservation partner, Energy Education. Throughout the year - late at night, early in the mornings and during holidays - Mr. Guillen will be in our buildings ensuring we are properly managing our energy resources. He will be reporting to Assistant Superintendent Jaime R. Ayala who will oversee the energy program.

    Our energy program is guaranteed by our new partner company, Energy Education, to save us money and is expected to generate net savings of $16.6 million over the next 10 years. But it will only be successful if each of us is doing our part which includes supporting our Energy Manager.

    This program is extremely important to our school district. Our Board will be receiving regular updates from Mr. Guillen and Mr. Ayala on the progress of our energy program in the weeks and months ahead. We plan to regularly share the news and results of this important program with you as well.  We look forward to sharing more good news about this exciting program as it continues to grow.

  • Everyday Energy Saving Tips

    CJUSD is committed to cutting energy waste and driving down utility costs. Maintaining these simple energy saving habits will help our district achieve its energy saving goals.

    Please remember to do the following . . .

    Throughout the day:

    • When leaving a room, turn off lights at the switch. Do not rely on sensors, if possible.
    • Turn off lights in supply rooms, workrooms and single restrooms.
    • Turn off lights in staff lounges after the last morning recess or lunch break.
    • Close your interior/exterior doors when the air conditioner or heater is running.
    • Do let your office know if you are having problems with heating or cooling.

    At the end of the day:

    • Shut down all computers.
    • Turn off all monitors, speakers and printers.
    • Turn off stereos, CD players, DVD players and smart board speakers.
    • Turn off all other electrical devices that have a switch.
    • Unplug power vampires if you are not using them (i.e., cell phone and battery chargers).

    Remember, "Noise means money."  If something is making noise, then it is using energy.

    For questions or to report energy-saving opportunities to your Energy Manager please contact: Ernest M. Guillen - (909) 580-6586 or e-mail to: ernest_guillen@cjusd.net

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  • Energy Education

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