• Macroeconomics Graphs

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 3/15/2019

    Macroeconomics students share the graphs they have been learning by using sidewalk chalk to create them across campus.



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  • College Level Lecture and Seminar Day

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 1/18/2019

    AP Macroeconomics and AP Government seniors attended a College Level Lecture and Seminar day with a couple of visiting College Professors.  The program is designed to give honors-level high school students a taste of college-level economics and philosophy. It was comprised of four one-hour sections of lectures, economic experiments, and discussion and the last hour was a presentation/Q&A session on the value of college majors and what students can expect in and how they can best prepare for college.



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  • Guilded Age Breakout Boxes

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 1/25/2018

    AP US History students work in groups to open a breakout box by performing a series of tasks.  Throughout the experience, students are using primary sources to learn about the Guilded Age. 

    Breakout boxes  Breakout Boxes

    Breakout box  Breakout box

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  • Historical Pumpkin Patch

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 10/31/2017

    Historical Pumpkin Patch

    History classes make a Historical Pumpkin Patch depicting key moments in American History.

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  • GTHS Constitutional Convention

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 10/10/2017
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  • U.S. History American Revolution Propaganda Posters

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 9/1/2017

    Propaganda posters  propaganda posters

    While learning about the American Revolution U.S. History classes divided into Loyalists and Patriots.  Students learned about the reasons for the American Revolution while looking at it through multiple perspectives. The students created propaganda posters to support their side.

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  • Public Defender Visits POD/Econ Classes

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 5/22/2017

    A public defender visited POD/Econ classes and spent time discussing the path to becoming a lawyer and then the rest of the time discussing rights.  Students were very interested.

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  • Social Studies Music Videos

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 5/19/2017

    POD students were assigned to take any song and rewrite the lyrics to include information about any concepts from Principles of Democracy and create a music video. Some of the topics students chose to discuss included the electoral college, naturalization, desegregation of schools, etc.