• Renaissance

  • The goal of the Renaissance Leadership class is to teach students the philosophies and the strategies of Renaissance.  Student study leadership, character and organizational skills to enhance their efforts in developing Renaissance on campus. 

    Some of the objectives are: 

    •  the Renaissance program is led by the Renaissance class (student leaders)
    • to apply leadership skills in management roles within the organization, to understand the 10 essential elements and power concepts and how they relate to the over success of Renaissance
    • to communicate the value of academic achievement, continuous improved and exemplary character to the student body through hosting academic assemblies to recognize students for their achievements
    • to recognize staffulty for their efforts and hard work
    • to establish community support through recognition


  • Renaissance Captains & Teams

    Sound Captain: Filimon Fregoso

    Marcus Corral

    Julissa Cruz

    Miranda DE LA O

    Anahy Lomeli

    Regina Neville

    Outreach Captain: Melissa Cruz

    Anissa Castaneda

    Gevina Castaneda

    Design Captain:  Stephanie Delgadillo

    Melissa Gomez-Vargas

    Kimberly Luevano

    Sandy Perez

    Activities: Esmeralda Nunez

    Daniel Bautista

    Jade Harder

    Adriana Wright