News from Frank Miranda Ed.D

  • A message from Superintendent Frank Miranda Ed.D, July 31, 2020: 

    We head into this school year faced with a situation that none of us could possibly have seen coming. And there are so many things ahead that we can’t predict. As we head through the challenges of distance learning, safety protocols and the eventual transition to a hybrid model, the strength of our team, our amazing, deserving students and the tremendous heart and support of our parents and community are blessings that we can continue to draw strength from.

    Every one of our departments and divisions, and administration and staff at every school, have done a phenomenal job of adapting to the situation and working to serve our families as best we can. I want to thank each of you once again for supporting each other, giving each other grace and working as hard as you have. We will continue to do this together.

    While we have these immediate challenges to contend with, we also need to keep our eye on long-term goals. Last year we launched a new District Systems Design Partnership (DSDP) initiative with the help of the National Institute for School Leadership (NISL).

    The DSDP team includes a talented group of principals, directors, teachers, classified staff, board members and community members. The process includes designing a system tailored to our district and defined by our students’ needs, designed to help each of them successfully reach our definition of post-graduation success. It also will include a detailed description of exactly what that success should look like. We began this process last school year and prior to the pandemic. It represents an important commitment to the long term success of our students, and I am proud that our team remains committed to seeing it through.

    Also of vital importance are our district LCAP goals. Our LCAP committee consolidated those last school year into a set of four goals that will continue to guide our LCAP efforts for the coming years. Those are Equitable Access for All, Family and Community Engagement, Wellness and Student Achievement. It is absolutely not an accident that as we continue our DSDP discussions, the priorities and themes that come into focus align with those goals.

    There is a lot wrapped up in those four goals, but I do want to  say a word about equity. The horrible murders of Black people such as George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many others has brought much-needed focus on issues of systemic racism both nationally and in our own communities and institutions. I want to thank everyone who has organized and participated in the important discussions we have had over recent months, especially our Black Student Voice event in June. I pledge to continue our commitment to discuss and how they need to be addressed in CJUSD on an ongoing basis.