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  • Language Support Services Department    909-580-6551

    Gil Diaz, Director of Language Support Services  |  Nereyda Guerra, Administrative Assistant  |  Alejandra DeLaTorre, Family Involvement Program Manager

    Supporting "Tomorrow's" Leaders


Language Support Services Overview

  • We exist to ensure all of our students, inclusive of our English learners, experience the best possible educational experience with success and pride.  We aim to accomplish this through supporting our teachers, administrators, and families in cutting edge, research based professional learning experiences and support year round.  


    Our Goals:

    • Provide Social Emotional Well-Being Support
    • Provide Lead-Edge Professional Learning Experiences
    • Encourage district families to become involved with their child’s education
    • Identify and appropriately place English learner students according to their needs
    • Ensure equity and access for all our students
    • Incorporate multi-cultural relevant awareness into our classrooms

Circles of Implementation

  • HIDE

    The Circles of Implementation graphic (presented above and described here and in chapter 2 of the ELA/ELD Framework) provides the big picture of implementation of ELA/literacy and ELD instruction. The outer ring displays the overarching goals. The ELA/ELD Framework calls for an instructional context that is integrated, motivating, engaging, respectful, and intellectually challenging for all students at all grade levels.