• hide Interested in learning how to play Chess? Or, are you a skilled player looking for a challenge? Come join the THMS Chess Club in Mr. Libolt's room every Tuesday from 3pm-4pm!

    The THMS Chess Club is open to all students and all skill levels. Students may simply show up if they are interested in playing Chess, or learning how to play the game. We have a wide variety of skill levels represented in the club, ranging from expert players to students that are just learning the basics of the game. We meet every Tuesday in Room H4, from 3pm-4pm. There are typically 12-15 students in attendance, with an even split between 7th and 8th grade.  

    There are no formal requirements to join, unless a student plans to take on a leadership position within the club (such as President or Vice-President). These requirements are spelled out in our club constitution. All usual THMS rules and expectations for behavior apply to the club. Inappropriate behavior may lead to students being asked to leave Chess Club. 

    As the club adviser, I have several chess sets that I keep in my room, but students are always welcome to bring their own sets if they wish. I provide everything we need for up to 14 students to play simultaneous games.

    For information email Mr. Libolt.

  • hide hide hide hide Interested in trading or battling Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Magic: The Gathering cards? Want to watch Pokémon episodes and movies? Then the Pokémon Indigo League Club is for you!

    The Pokémon Indigo League meets every Friday afterschool in room E1. Come share your card collection, trade cards, or test your skills in a battle. This is a friendly environment where students are encouraged to think critically and strategize while enjoying various strategy games. We typically watch a few episodes during our meetings as well.

    Students are expected to practice positive sportsmanship in this friendly environment. Students who act inappropriately will be asked to leave. 

    Come make new friends every Friday from 3-4pm. Late Bus available. 

    If you have questions, please email Ms. Chavez.