• AVID 9th Grade "Brave"

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 12/13/2018
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  • AVID Barnes & Noble Bookfair

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 12/8/2018

    The AVID bookfair was very successful this year.  AVID students showed up to do free gift wrapping, reading to children, and cupcake decorating as their annual fundraiser.  A percentage of the sales were donated to the GTHS AVID program. 




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  • AVID College Fair

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 10/25/2018

    Sophomore AVID students show off their university displays to their fellow students at the lunchtime AVID College Fair.  This was one of many activities during College Week.



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  • AVID Stole Ceremony

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 4/26/2018

    Senior AVID students who have been in the program for at least 4 years were honored infront of their friends and family as they received special AVID stoles to wear at graduation.  Each student spoke about their future plans and about a special teacher who has played a significant role in their lives.  This was a very heartwarming occasion for students, their teachers, and their families.   

    AVID Stole Ceremony

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  • Honor Guard AVID Students

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 3/1/2018

    At the Passing of the Guard luncheon, the top 20 ranked Juniors earned their Honor Guard title.  Of the 20 Honor Guard members, the AVID programs is proud to boast that 11 of them are AVID students. 

    AVID honor guard

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  • AVID Trip to UCLA

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 2/17/2018

    AVID Students take a tour of UCLA.


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  • AVID Barnes n Noble Fundraiser 2017

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 12/9/2017



    AVID students volunteer their time wrapping gifts, reading stories, doing crafts, and serving muffins at the annual AVID Barnes n Noble fundraiser.  

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  • AVID Seniors Apply to College

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 11/16/2017

    AVID apps  AVID senior apps

    AVID seniors

    AVID seniors submitted college applications today! And they got to add a star sticker to the chart! 

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  • AVID University Booths at Lunchtime College Fair

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 10/26/2017

    AVID students worked together to make a booth about a university and presented their school to the student body during a lunchtime college fair. 

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  • AVID Seniors Check out Eclipse

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 8/21/2017

    AVID Students, along with others, checked out the Solar Eclipse with special glasses donated to the school. 

    AVID Eclipse  


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