• Chemistry Students Debate Climate Change

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 5/8/2018

    Chemistry students used the formal debate process on the topic of Climate Change using evidence they learned in class.  Some students debated that climate change is man-made while others argued that climate change is a natural process.  

    Climate Change

    climate change

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  • Biology DNA Extraction Lab

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 3/6/2018

    Students are swishing propel in their mouth vigerously for 4 mins  to collect cheek cells.  From these cheek cells, they will use soapy water and 91% isopropyl alcohol to extract their DNA from their cheek cells.

    DNA extraction

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  • Marine Biology Guest Speaker

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 2/9/2018

    Dr Joseph Heras (postdoctoral scholar at UCI) spoke to Mrs. Glenning's Marine Biology classes about his research, genome mapping of prickleback fishes.  Dr Heras was an alumni of BHS, received his bachelor's at UCR, masters at CSULA, and PhD at UC Merced.  He also spoke to them about a PhD student (UCI) and her research on abalone and he spoke about his research of genomic mapping of different species of rockfish to see if there was a link between their genes and the type of food they are (carnivore, omnivore, herbivore).

    Marine Bio Guest


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  • Marine Biology Shark Dissection

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 2/8/2018

    After learning about the anatomy of sharks, Marine Biology students complete shark dissections.

    Shark Dissection

    Shark Dissection

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  • Anatomy Students Attend Body World Exhibit

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 2/1/2018

    Students taking Anatomy & Physiology had the opportunity to attend the Body World exhibit at the California Science Center.  45 students were able to see real, preserved bodies and learn about how they work. 


    Anatomy field trip


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  • 2nd Annual Science Fair

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 1/24/2018

    GTHS held their 2nd Annual Science Fair.  8 projects were presented. 

    1st Place: Asia Anderson, Zierra Smith, Jordan Murphy

    2nd Place: Filimon Fregoso, Vanessa Gomez, Feyikemi Oriola

    3rd Place: Orla Gonzalez, Ivan Callejas


    Sci Fair  Sci Fair


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  • Marine Biology Dissections

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 11/15/2017

    Marine Bio Dissections

    Marine biology and zoology students dissected sea stars and grasshoppers.

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  • Chemistry Students Put on Halloween Show

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 10/30/2017

    chem  chem  chem  


    Mr. Golgart's Honors Chemistry students put on a "Mad Scientist" show for over 200 students, doing really neat chemistry demonstrations while explaining the science behind the "magic". 

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  • Science Students Check out the Solar Eclipse

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 8/21/2017

    Science students along with other classes checked out the solar eclipse using glasses that were donated to the school.


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  • Lab Safety Escape Room

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 8/10/2017

    escape room 1  escape room

    escape room

    Biology students solve various problems to get clues to be able to "escape" the room.  Through the process they learned all about lab safety. 

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