• Socratic Seminar

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 9/27/2018

    Sophomores in Mrs. McLeskey's English II class conducted their first Socratic seminar.  They demonstrated their understanding of textual themes and ideas through discussion with their peers.



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  • Public Speaking Students Speeches

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 2/21/2018

    Students in the Public Speaking class deliver speeches to Grand Terrace Lions Club. They spoke on the roles that integrity and civility play in today’s society. Senior Cameron Loder took 1st place and advanced to the 2nd round.

    Public Speaking

    Public Speaking

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  • Cell Phone Article Project

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 4/17/2017

    English students in Mrs. Henry's class are currently reading an article on the dangers of cell phones. Students created hashtags for their responses.

    Cell Phones

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  • Cultural Awareness Through Student Presentations

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 12/8/2016

    Students in Mrs. Henry’s classes did presentations on “My Cultural Identity.”  They were able to share about their personal culture using a variety of modes. Ex. video, scrapbook, poster, etc.

    cultural awareness

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  • Students Participate in Socratic Seminar

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 10/6/2016

    Socratic seminars are real models of college discussions students will likely see in humanities courses.  The benefits come in the form that the students responses and exploration of ideas are highlighted rather than “prescribed” by the instructor.  Often students initially try to read the teacher and try to regurgitate what the teacher may want to hear (stifling independent thought and critical thinking).  What is great about Socratic seminars is that they quickly find that it is nearly impossible to find affirmation of correct answers as their responses are countered with further questions.  This uncertainty gives them the liberty to explore ideas as they see it.  The only wrong answers are those that are not backed by clear evidence of the text.  Critical thinking therefore is the emphasis of Socratics.  Ideas build upon each other both from the text and the ideas of peers. 

    Socratic Seminar

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