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Tomorrow's Leaders

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements in order to participate in the Recognition Program:

· Attendance Requirement: 97% attendance for the remainder of the school year

  • No More than 10 tardies (of any type) (keep in mind, 1 Truant = 1 period absence)
  • 3 Saturday School make-ups can be used towards your attendance rate


  • Behavior Requirement: no outside suspensions for the remainder of the school year
  • GPA Minimum Requirement: 2.8 cumulative weighted GPA
  • Enrollment Requirement: Student must be continuously enrolled in a district school during the entire contest period and at the time of drawing.

Only 11th and 12th graders are eligible for the grand prize (2019 Chevrolet Spark)


At the end of the school year, all eligible students
will be invited to attend the Tomorrow’s Leaders
Celebration Event and enter into a drawing for various items/awards.
The Grand Prize is a
Student Services

2019 Chevrolet Spark donated by 

Rotolo Chevrolet!


  (Students must be present to win)

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