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Cybersecurity 2 - Honors


 This course builds on the skills students developed in Cybersecurity I. In today's Internet-dependent business environment, secure communications is critical to networks of all types including mobile devices. In this course, you will learn how to analyze network risks and provide the appropriate countermeasures to reduce exposure from network threats. This course provides the hands-on skills necessary to secure computer information at both the system and network level. Activities in this course include work-based learning that connects students to industry and the local community.


Cybersecurity II has been UC a-g approved to meet the elective (“g” – Mathematics – Computer Science) requirement.



  1. Pre-requisite: Cybersecurity I or equivalent (PC Repair, Networking, or Programming) and Algebra I)
  1. Abilities required: Configure TCP/IP networks, some programming
  2. Length: One year
  3. Sector: Information and Communication Technologies
  4. Pathway: Information Support and Services