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  • The mission of McKinley Elementary school, in partnership with the community, is to create an academic, physical, emotional, social, and safe environment where everyone can learn and respect one another. We believe that everyone can learn to become better thinkers and independent learners. We believe learning is maximized when it takes place in an environment enriched with support, encouragement and assistance. We provide a rigorous, academic program with high expectations for success through which effective educators lead students to take responsibility for learning. We celebrate the pursuit of lifelong learning and are committed to nurturing high self-esteem and respect for others.


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A Message from Principal Servin

  • Dear McKinley Families,


    Welcome Back! Last year, I truly loved working alongside all of you: our staff, families, and students;  to understand, breathe, and live what makes our Bulldog family the BEST! It has been an incredible experience to be able to walk these halls and classrooms and see the effort, love, and hard work that is poured into our students day in and day out.


    This new school year brings us new opportunities to continue growing stronger together. My hope is that with each new challenge, we can celebrate in the learning experience that it brings and that we continue to bring forth all the wonderful successes that we have already achieved.


    Looking back at our 2016-2017 school year,  I am proud to continue to celebrate alongside all of you all of our accomplishments. We can proudly share that our testing grade levels continued to show improvement. 3rd & 4th grade showed growth in both ELA and Math, 5th grade Math was one of the highest in our district and 6th grade remained steady. This marks three years of improvement in a row!  Our Kinder and TK continued to show success with their Early Bird/Later Gator program, which allows a maximum of 12 students in the morning & afternoon hours to allow for more focused interventions. Our PBIS program continued to grow and has now lead to schoolwide positive interventions. Mrs. Martha Jimenez, our Language Assistant, was rightfully recognized last year at the County’s 30th Annual Multilingual Recognition Dinner for her support and dedication to our English Language Learners. This is two years in a row after one of our parents was also recognized for her contributions to our site and district! Furthermore, we continued to strengthen our relationships with our Parent Leadership groups to find ways to continue to support our communities and families.  Furthermore, our facilities improvement project to add the installation of three much-needed portables was completed and in full use. These have allowed for Bulldog support staff to have dedicated areas to support our students. Finally, our Social Media platforms continued to thrive and we added Remind101 to facilitate home/school communication.


    This year, we are looking to continuing and multiplying our success. Our plans for this year are full of hope and excitement! What we are most excited about is that it directly involves, YOU, our parents as part of improving communication and tracking student success!


    We are continuing to focus on First Quality Teaching and Building Relationships to strengthen our relationship with our families and students. We are happy to announce that we are part of the Colton Cohort team where teachers attended a Summer Institute to align curriculum and create our own assessments that allow for focus on key standards and grade level collaboration. We have also moved to a new online grade book and report cards that will facilitate teacher’s grade management, as well as a new online system to assess your student’s reading levels. All of this will allow us to accurately monitor your student(s) and be able to pinpoint student needs faster.   Furthermore, we now have a new PBIS Rewards System which allows for schoolwide digital access to recognize our students. For you, our parents, this means that you will be able to track your student’s success via a FREE downloadable app. With the purchase of our new Lightbox Series, our students, parents, and staff now have access to our interactive E-Books. These electronic books allow your student(s) to access standard based curriculum anywhere in the world!  Also, our new solar panels are being installed this year, which will provide much-needed shade!


    As a principal who believes that communication is KEY to our school success, I encourage you to continue to come to me, my office staff, and your student’s teacher with any questions and/or concern. I am not only proud of the dedicated staff that works in the best interest of our McKinley students and of our community as well. Please know that as the Principal of McKinley, I will continue to work tirelessly to make sure that our student’s interest is and continues to be on the forefront at all times.


    In partnership,


    Judith Servin



  • Attendance is KEY

    At McKinley, our goal is for students to be here all day, every day, to learn, learn, learn.

    Why do we place so much emphasis on coming to school all day, every day? One in 10 kindergarten students nationally is chronically absent, missing nearly a month of school.

    • Emerging research shows even higher rates among preschoolers.
    • These early absences correlate with reading difficulties and poor attendance patterns in later years. One study found that only 17 percent of students who were chronically absent in both kindergarten and first grade were reading proficiently by third grade.
    • The effects of poor attendance are particularly pronounced among low-income children, who need more time in the classroom to master reading and are less likely to have access to resources outside of school to help them catch up. Unfortunately, low-income children are four times more likely to be chronically absent.

    McKinley parents can look at our daily attendance board in front of the school to keep track of our total school attendance rate, as well as the number of total tardies for that day. This communication is simply a reminder to get our students to school all day, every day and to celebrate when the attendance rate is high and the tardy numbers are low.

    Did you know?

      • Your children can suffer academically if they miss 10 percent of school days in a year, or about 18 days. That can be just one day every two weeks and can happen before you know it.
      • It doesn’t matter if these absences are excused or unexcused. They all represent lost time in the classroom and lost opportunities to learn.
      • Attendance matters as early as kindergarten. Studies show that many children who miss too many days in kindergarten and first grade can struggle academically in later years. They often have trouble mastering reading by the end of third grade.



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