• School Site Council (SSC)


The Responsibilities of the SSC

  • The School Site Council's role is to ensure that the school is continually engaged in identifying and implementing curriculum and instructional practices that result in both strengthening the core academic program and ensuring that students have access to and success in that program.

    The three main responsibilities of SSC are:

    1. Develop the school plan/budget and recommend to local governing board (EC 62002)

    2. Implement plan and monitor program effectiveness (EC 52021, 62002.3)

    3. Annually evaluate goals and objectives of the school plan (EC 52021, 62002.5)

SSC Membership

  • Congratulations to our new members! Voting has concluded and our new members will begin their term at the September 25, 2017 meeting. Thank you to all of the 2016-17 School Site Council members who faithfully served the GTHS community: parents were represented by Lisa Rios, Laura Henderson, Lorilee Martin, Lynn Hegardt, Angel Orta-Perez. 

    . GTHS staff were represented by Deborah Bickham and Karen Swing.

    SSC must be organized to ensure parity among its members. One half of a council must be comprised of school personnel: the principal, certificated, and classified staff. Certificated staff must be comprised of classroom teachers, TOA or CPS. Teachers must be in the majority. The other half of the council is comprised of parents and community members (elementary schools) or students in high schools. Representatives of each group--parents, teachers, students and other staff--must be selected by their peers. Alternates may be selected at the time elections are held. Parents who work for the district and are assigned to the school attended by their children are not eligible to serve on that school's School Site Council in the "Parent" category. The principal may not designate any other person as a replacement for her or himself.




  • Members for 2017-2018

    Members for 2017-2018:
    James Western, Principal
    Delores Curry, Counselor

    Shiela Comerford, Teacher

    Nicole Littlefield, Parent
    Lisa Rios, Parent
    Lorilee Martin, Parent
    Lynn Hegardt, Parent
    Stephanie Sotelo, Parent 

    Roberta MacDonald, Principal's Secretary (Classified Representative) 

    *Syreeta Afadonis(Teacher On Assignment)
    *Aaron Zavalza (Student)