• AP Computer Science Takes Apart Computers

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 8/9/2018
    It is Day 2 of school and AP Computer Science students are already taking apart computers to see how the hardware looks and understand the computer components. 
    AP Computer Sci
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  • Algebra Learn Polynomials Through Architecture

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 2/20/2018

    Through Problem Based Learning, Algebra students used polynomials to calculate the dimensions of a house that could be sold in Grand Terrace.  Students had to design their house, create blue prints, and present a proposal to a prospective buyer (their teacher). Students found this activity very engaging and relevant to various careers.  Some students created 3D models of their house, some created virtual models through Minecraft.

    Algebra PBL

    Algebra PBL

    Algebra PBL

    Algebra PBL

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  • Alg. 2 Students use AVID Strategies

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 8/29/2017

    Alg. 2 AVID strategies

    Honors Algebra 2 kids practicing AVID strategies did Study Groups  in preparation for their test.  Students had sample Math sentence frame questions to help them in leading their classmates to the answer.  The kids were very engaged!

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  • Geometry Fish Tank Project

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 5/5/2017

    Geomentry students created fish tanks out of various prisms.  They had to do multiple calculations including finding the volume of their designed and built creation.

    fish tank  fish tank

    fish tank  fish tank

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  • Graphing in Preparation for Final Exams

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 12/7/2016

    In preparation for their finals, Alycia Smith’s Algebra class got into groups to make posters about various math problems.

    Students were to create a poster presenting a final review question. The poster had to include:

    •         The original problem
    •         All work shown
    •         An explanation
    •         Two colors and/or decoration


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  • Algebra I Classes Learn Stats Through Bottle Flipping

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 11/15/2016

    Students love to take a water bottle and flip it to try to make it land right side up.  Algebra I teachers capitalized on this by getting students to work in groups and apply their skills to calculate the various statistics of bottle flipping.  Students had a lot of fun and learned about math at the same time. 

    bottle flipping stats

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  • Geometry Triangle Congruence Investigation

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 10/15/2016

    Students were working in pairs and cutting sides of a triangle out of spaghetti and building triangles using chromebooks to follow a nearpod lesson Mrs. Aguilar created and researching the triangle congruence theorems online.

    The second picture is of her Parallel Line Project where students were asked to create cities using parallel line theorems and the angles created when cut with a transversal.


    parallel lines


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  • Mrs. Smith's Math Class Performs well

    Posted by Syreeta Afadonis on 10/4/2016

    Mrs. Smith's class

    Mrs. Smith's math class is full of hard working students.  This picture was taken just a day after the whole class recently scored an 82% average on their test and 100% of the students are passing the class. 



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