• Welcome to Grand Terrace Career Center! 

    (located in the portables in P802 near the gym) 

    Career Readiness Specialist provides career guidance, recruitment, and assessment services on the GTHS campus that CRY-ROP serves. They provide information on our programs, and are your go-to people for career planning and support. Your Career Readiness Specialist will help you research your options for after high school based on your interests and goals, while they assist you with developing career, education and job search skills. 

    We provide resources for career, college, scholarships, military, apprentice/trade schools and other opportunities for students to explore what is available to them on their road to success.  

    CRY-ROP provides quality, hands-on career training programs in high-demand career fields to assist high school students in acquiring marketable job skills. 

    CRY-ROP Highlights

    Careers Express Online

    Registration starts August 12th and continues to August 30, 2019.  Are you self-motivated, able to work independently and are computer literate?  Earn elective credits while exploring careers at home. 

    Introductions to Careers in:

    • Criminal Justice
    • Healthcare
    • ICT Careers (computers)
    • Medical Terminology
    • Medical Front Office.

    Go to the Career Center to register in P802 and see Ms. Van-Madrigal

    ASVAB Career Assessment

    Benefits of Taking the ASVAB

    • Provides relevant information for career and education decision making
    • Identifies students' abilities, strengths, and weaknesses
    • Establishes a relevancy between the world of work and school
    • Provides a complete and exciting Career Exploration Program
    • Gives the student a purpose to stay in school

    Sign up in the Career Center in P802 with Mrs. Van-Madrigal

    November 4, 2019

    March 11, 2020




  • ROP Mission 

    Training students to be career ready, technically skilled and academically prepared by providing quality Career Technical Education.