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    The Facilities, Planning & Construction Department is responsible for the planning and construction of all schools and ancillary facilities within the Colton Joint Unified School District.  

    The department includes the development of district projects and coordinating and funding the construction, expansion, modernization of schools within the district, and short- and long-range facilities planning. Facilities also coordinates with other departments for maintaining school boundaries and enrollment projections. Facilities interacts with local, State and Federal agencies on all issues pertaining to planning, development, finance, environmental impacts, population growth, and construction. In addition, Facilities identifies the myriad of funding sources available to make significant capital improvements at our campuses. Working closely with architects and engineers, Facilities assists in developing detailed plans and specifications which must meet very stringent requirements.  

    Construction activities include performing work at schools and ancillary facilities that involve working closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to successfully complete projects that meet the state and district standards for school facility construction. Knowledge of state building codes is necessary to make sure our students are housed in structurally sound, safe, and universally accessible buildings.     

Contact Us

  •  Owen Chang
    Director of Facilities Planning & Construction

    909-580-5000 ext: 6642


    Craig Sandifer
    Facilities Project Manager

    909-580-5000 ext: 6644


    Becky Joiner
    Fiscal Analyst

    909-580-5000 ext: 6641


    Steven Marshall
    Facilities Project Manager

    909-580-5000 ext: 6640


    Sylvia Ramirez
    Administrative Assistant I

    909-580-5000 ext: 6642


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