• Work Experience

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    High School Work Experience Offices are Currently Closed
    During the summer, school breaks or Work Experience Conference the high school work permit office is closed 

     or the Work Experience Teacher is unavailable and you need a work permit you will need to:


     Print out a Request for Work Permit or get one from the high school receptionist 

                    Have the new employer complete and sign their portion

                    Make sure the full SSN is on request  

                    Make sure the parent/guardian has signed the request

     After the Request for Work Permit has been completed by student, employer, and parent.


     Make an appointment with Nancy Fierro (909) 580-5000 Ext. 6542 at the District office. 


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    Work Experience Education (WEE)


    Course Objective:

    Enables students to gain a greater variety of learning through actual hands on experience in the real world of work. 

    Course Topics:

    How to get a job, keep a job, leave a job, economic awareness, and career awareness. 




    District Office is only able to generate Work Permits when the High School Work Experience office is closed. 
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