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    Jennifer Wold, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent  |  Joanne Medina, Executive Secretary to the Board of Education and Superintendent

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  • A message from Dr. Frank Miranda, who became Superintendent of CJUSD on January 1, 2020: 

    I am excited and honored to start the new year as the superintendent of Colton Joint Unified School District. My promise to everyone is that I will do my best to act with integrity and honesty, to always put the students first, and to hold myself accountable for extraordinary results.

    I am fortunate to be a part of this team. Everyone at CJUSD, and each school and department, work with dedication, integrity, innovation and heart. I want to continue building on that work and the progress already made.  I hope to walk by your side and support you. I am looking forward to the places we will go and the victories and progress we will achieve.

    I joined CJUSD 12 years ago as principal of McKinley Elementary School. From there I became director of Human Resources, director of Fiscal Services and then assistant superintendent of Business Services. In each of those roles I learned about education and our organization from a new perspective. I didn’t imagine at the start of this journey that I would reach the Superintendent’s Office, but I feel confident that together we will continue to do great things.

    Taking over as superintendent halfway through the school year, I do not plan to make large changes in focus or direction from where we are already headed. One of my first priorities will be filling the assistant superintendent of Business Services position. The Board already approved a contract for my executive coach and retired Corona-Norco CBO Sherry Mata as interim assistant superintendent of business and she will do an outstanding job. At the same time I plan to move quickly to find a permanent person to lead the business division. 

    Starting today, I want to spend the next few months meeting with as many people as I can, asking questions, listening, learning and getting to know the district and community from my new vantage point. Some of the pieces of this plan will include:

    • Regular visits to school sites, including  attending special school events and visiting classrooms with union leaders, executive cabinet, directors and/or board members such as you have seen in the past.
    • “Thursdays with Dr. Miranda,” where I will ask individual schools to provide me with a space on campus where I will spend a couple of hours any staff member can stop by. My discussions on those afternoons will include the questions “What is really good about the district that you would not want changed,” and “What areas of improvement are needed?”
    • Meeting individually with department heads and principals.
    • Connecting with the community, including city/county leaders from Bloomington, Colton, Fontana and Grand Terrace.
    • Hold a community meeting each in Bloomington, Colton and Grand Terrace to introduce myself to parents and community members throughout the district.